Latest Past Exhibitors

Hans Engstrom

Hans Engstrom owner - chef at Rabbits at The Bush in Shimpling. Hans is a Swedish Musician that moved to Suffolk in 2018, established a 36 acre vineyard (ARK Wines) and 2023 reopened the local pub (Rabbits at The Bush). Learning while running, as is the case with both vineyard and pub, quality and sustainability is the ethos. Suffolk got so much fantastic produce for everyone to discover and savour, from local wine and drinks to all things food, and as such we base all drinks as well as food at Rabbits at The Bush around local produce.

Rowen Halstead

Having worked in some of the most experienced kitchens in the country and across the globe for over a decade, Rowen has witnessed first-hand the immeasurable amount of avoidable food waste that can be produced due to a lack of knowledge, concern, and creativity. It opened his eyes to the importance of reducing our food waste, creating a more sustainable food system, and how integral zero-waste cooking practices are. For those reasons, it has become his goal to advocate and educate others about the food waste we produce, utilising and preserving what we can, and its overall impact on our planet and the economy.