Suffolk bakery specialising in traditional and artisan breads, pastries and cakes

Essex Bakery

Handmade chocolate brownies created by our small team in Colchester

Allkemy Distillery

It's not rum....it's better. Alkemy is made in the same way as rum, but uses sugar beet instead of sugar cane.

Bad Boi Burritos

Authentic toasted burritos and loaded nachos, using locally sourced ingredients

Skinny Slabs

Healthy brownies all under 150kcal a slab - healthy brownies DO exist!

Bar Rumba

A vintage Boho bar selling delcious drinks specialising in cocktails and mocktails

Crepe De Paris

Hand turned sweet and savoury crepes filling for all the family.

Beats & Beigels

Beats & Beigels whip up artisan hand rolled, boiled & baked beigels. Matt sells New York style beigel sarnies, filled with homemade beef brisket, smoked salmon & cream cheese, grilled halloumi & veggies and an all day breakfast beigel.